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How can I add my own videos?

First, create your account, click here to register. On "Upload Videos" page you can upload all your videos at once (it's important to write in the "Long Description" field your username in order to assign the video with your profile), click Here to upload your videos

How many videos do I have to upload?

There is no limits or obligation about the number of videos you want to promote, you can upload as many videos you like, anytime you like.

How can I manage my profile details and my video page?

Once you send us your content and your informations, we'll create your profile with your access details, in that page you can manage your informations and your videos.

Can I delete a video I uploaded?

Yes, you can delete any video you uploaded in your profile in case you don't wish to promoting any more.

How users "subscribers" can access my videos?

Users "subscribers" rent your videos for a specific price and period, buying a ticket code.

Can I set my own price and period on my videos?

Yes, you can inform us for the specific price and period you want to be available for the users.

How I get paid from you?

The prefered methods to receive your payments, is paypal and bank transfer, however you can suggest us another payment method you may prefer.

How will I know when a user subscribes to my videos?

Every time a user subscribes to your videos you'll receive a notification email (including complete details of your commission for each user and also your current balance).

What is my commission?

You'll receive 50% for each payment comes from your videos (will exclude the 50% of the fees, e.g paypal fees).

When I get paid?

Everytime you reach the ammount of 100 euros you'll receive your payment, you can inform us if you like to change that limit.
For any other questions feel free to contact us

Click here to upload your videos and get started!

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